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Custom Cut, Reclaimed Granite Seating, Firepit, and More

This project features a variety of beautiful granite. The bench and fire pit are built with reclaimed pink granite. While it may appear to be a single structure in the finished photograph, the fire pit was built from 7 slabs of reclaimed granite, custom cut on site to a 1/16" joint width and surrounded with a beach pebble drain. The center stone in the bench is a large slab of blue stone, giving the area a unique visual appeal. The bench and seatback both feature a slight incline for sitting comfort. The level of comfort achieved with a material as hard as granite surprised all who sat -- and the customer even decided not to add cushions.

The retaining walls, including the 1.5 ton armrest stone, are built dry with boulders from local excavating sites, and the patio is imported salt and pepper granite. The patio is edged with tan cobblestone, and the radius step in the foreground also features tan cobblestone risers. This project also includes a dry stone bar built with reclaimed blue Quincy granite platforms and a 10 ft. long polished top granite bar quarried and processed in New England.

Granite Retaining Wall, Bench, Patio, and Firepit - Cape Cod Stoneworks

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