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Fieldstone Walls in Brewster and Dennis

Weathered Fieldstone Stone Walls.  Cape Cod Stoneworks.

Brewster and East Dennis are the rockiest areas of Cape Cod. For whatever reason, the glaciers left significant deposits of granite, granodiorite, and schist within a few miles of the northern shores of Brewster and Dennis. These areas are also among the hilliest areas of the cape. Historic stony brook is one of the few areas on Cape Cod where you can here running water and even waterfalls. Some very impressive old historic boulder stonework can be found near the old stony brook mill. The surrounding fields and forests of Dennis and Brewster, Ma are filled with old stone walls piled up by farmers of years past. The seawalls of Sesuit Harbor in Dennis, MA and along the Brewster and Dennis shores are made from local boulders. Hokum Rock, the largest boulder above ground on Cape Cod lies within a mile of Scargo tower, a 30 foot high stone masonry tower that provides views from Provincetown, Ma, to Plymouth beyond Scargo pond in Dennis, Ma.

Weathered Fieldstone Walls.  Cape Cod Stoneworks.
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