About Cape Cod Stoneworks

Our small, specialized crew has nearly a century's experience in fine stonework.

We founded Cape Cod Stoneworks to bring a new standard of stone masonry to Cape Cod.  My first apprenticeship was with Joao Delgado building tall, structurally engineered dry stone walls retaining highways in the Metro Boston area.  Delgado instilled in me a deep appreciation for the ancient techniques and structural physics that create true "free standing stonework" - stonework like the walls of Machu Picchu and Ancient Rome that stand on the strength of gravity, impervious to the elements and the passage of time.

From Mr. Delgado, I learned not only the physical rules and techniques for structurally sound dry stone construction, but also an attitude toward building products that require minimal maintenance for the homeowner.  At Cape Cod Stoneworks, special care and emphasis is devoted to underground work, compaction, drainage in order construct solid structures for driveways, patios, steps, and walkways that will outlast the home itself.

I learned wet masonry and state-of-the-art stone cutting techniques during another apprenticeship with a high-end landscape, fireplace, and stone veneer mason in Chatham in order to offer the highest level of aesthetic appeal for your project.  We derive design inspiration from the walls of ancient stone builders including the Inca, the Hittites, and the Romans and the fireplaces of Martha's Vineyard's Lew French.  If you are going to invest in your property, we believe you should build something that you truly love and build it to last forever.

To that end, we cultivate relationships with suppliers throughout New England and across the country to deliver unique, high quality stone at the best available value.  You will notice that our projects heavily feature beautiful local boulders and a variety of reclaimed stone, which oftentimes provide the best value for your project as well as benefits to the environment.


Looking for a Contractor to Install Patios or Retaining Walls on Cape Cod? Cape Cod Stoneworks is Cape Cod's premier masonry and hardscaping contractor.  We build beautiful stone structures, stone walls, stone veneer, patios, retaining walls, outdoor spaces, fireplaces, and chimneys to last a lifetime.

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